Sinnet accelerates AWS product deployment to provide users with better service experience!

On June 29, 2018, the annual AWS technology summit was held at the Shanghai Expo Center. As the AWS China (Beijing) regional cloud service operator, the Sinnet took part in the meeting and gave speeches on the theme, the platinum hall and the sub forum.
In the keynote speech session of the summit, Mr. Yang yuhang, President of Sinnet, delivered a speech entitled "accelerating the deployment of AWS products and improving the distribution of market services".
Yang said that since the operation and management of the AWS China (Beijing) region in August 2016, the Sinnet has quickly completed infrastructure operation team, marketing service team and technical service team, serving Chinese customers with the global standard of AWS. After nearly two years of efforts, the Sinnet has successfully implemented localization operation management and has served many AWS Chinese users.
In his speech, Yang introduced the cloud computing service system based on AWS technology. AWS China (Beijing) region is provided by AWS technology, the Sinnet investment and operation. After nearly two years of operation, the Sinnet has gradually established a comprehensive and efficient service system. At present, the t Sinnet operates the AWS Beijing regional cloud service; Sinnet cloud data which is the new important service department of the Sinnet is responsible for the cloud service sales and marketing agent; and the light&cloud provides all kinds of value-added services for users after use AWS cloud.
The Sinnet cloud data will focus on the sales and marketing of cloud services and solutions, and will bring professional upper cloud solutions and better service experience for customers. Light&cloud will provide a full range of value-added services for users, channels and partners based on AWS services and professional skills.
Later, in the platinum lecture hall, the Sinnet cloud data wang peng delivered a speech on “Innovative cloud management endows enterprises with digital transformation ".  At the Security and Compliance Technology Sub forum, Dr. Li Zhixiao shared how to win customer trust from a compliance perspective.
In addition, the Sinnet also has a Beijing regional user exchange zone at the AWS technology summit to help users answer questions related to AWS China (Beijing) regional services. The service of AWS Beijing area is introduced to users from many aspects, such as user registration, product features, service system, basic setting and so on.
In the future, Sinnet will accelerate deploy the products, improve the localization market service layout, enhance system performance and service capability, and work closely with AWS in technology and products. The Sinnet will continue to introduce AWS products and technologies, enrich AWS China (Beijing) regional services, and jointly promote the development of cloud computing in China!