AWS Beijing Region, Operated by Sinnet, Achieves MLPS Level III Accreditation for Cloud Services

On March 30th, Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region operated by Sinnet, has achieved multi-level protection scheme (MLPS) Level III accreditation in China for cloud storage services, cloud computing services, and cloud infrastructure network. MLPS is the country's most authoritative security accreditation for information products and systems, based on the Regulations of the Protection of the Computer Information System Security of the People's Republic of China, Administrative Measures for the Security Protection of the International Access of Computer Information Networks, and Administrative Measures for the Information Security Protection Classification.  
MLPS allows for a hierarchical approach in implementing information security, with protection divided into five levels. Level III certification is issued by the accredited institutions of the Ministry of Public Security, and applies to security protection technology and security management, concerning information protection, security auditing, and communication confidentiality.  

The MLPS Level III certification reflects Sinnet’s high capability in operating and managing cloud service and information security.  It also confirms that AWS Beijing Region, operated by Sinnet, is aligned with China’s national information security guidelines.   
Sinnet is committed in providing efficient and reliable enterprise-level cloud product and services to help customers succeed in the digital era.