Sinnet and Mentougou district government signed a contrast of cooperation

In the morning of October 18, 2013, Sinnet and Mentougou district government  signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Sinnet chairman and general manager Geng Diangen, executive deputy general manager Yang Yuhang and other executives, the leader of the Mentougou District Wang Hongzhong, deputy mayor Chen Guocai, vice mayor of Zhang Mancang district jointly attended the signing ceremony.

Sinnet and Mentougou district signed a contract, Sinnet will move its headquarters office building and research and data center in Mentougou District, support economic development in the region; Mentougou district government will fully support the enterprises listed, given to tilt the policy resource.
Governor Wang Hongzhong said, Mentougou district government will provide the policy, talent, all the formalities for such support for sinnet. The two sides should take this contract as a starting point, realize common development of enterprises.