Sinnet signed a strategic agreement with Beijing Jiaotong University

On April 8th, Sinnet and Beijing jiaotong university held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in siyuan building. The new agreement marks the Sinnet and Beijing Jiaotong University in the field of data communication to build up the long-term cooperation strategic relationship. Sinnet chairman Geng Diangen, President Yang Yuhang, Vice President and board secretary Gaohong, Beijing jiaotong university principal NingBin, vice President Guan Zhongliang, office director Zhao peng attended the signing ceremony.

In the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, the two sides will be develop long-term, extensive and close cooperation in the field of cloud computing, scientific research, personnel training and other related fields in the future.
Sinnet chairman Geng Diangen said, as the data processing and cloud computing field of domestic leading enterprises, The Sinnet attaches great importance to research and development of data. The company hope through the technology development and cloud computing center operations to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise. On the other hand, Sinnet hope that through the cooperation, open up the application of cloud computing in the logistics field.

Based on the cooperation agreement, Sinnet will establish Beijing Jiaotong University Sinnet Research Center, and actively promote the cooperation between the two sides of the cloud computing center land and operations. The Sinnet according to the demand of Beijing Jiaotong University, will set up a joint training base for the Graduate and undergraduate interns. The two sides will give full play to talents and technical advantages, in order to promote respective development.
At the same time, the Sinnet will make this cooperation as an opportunity, make research and development cooperation in basic IT resources services and cloud computing With Beijing jiaotong university At the same time, actively explore the two sides in the transportation, logistics and other industries of cloud computing and big data applications.
Geng Diangen stressed that the two sides through powerful alliances ,using listed companies in capital market and cloud computing operating advantages, and give full play of Beijing jiaotong university in transportation, logistics, information and new energy industries resources, will better collaboration such as cloud of intelligent transportation, rail transportation service Internet integration solutions. The two sides hope get together to create the domestic first-class traffic cloud computing operating platform, make positive contribution for our country's intelligent transportation development!
Beijing jiaotong university President NingBin introduced the Progress and achievement of jiaotong university in the scientific research innovation and subject construction in recent years. He said, the university will continue to strengthen ties with the enterprise in the future. In teaching and scientific research field have In-depth cooperation, realizing a win-win result. Two sides both believe that the signing of the agreement will promote substantive cooperation, also hope that the two sides can in collaborative development and achieve win-win situation in the future.