Sinnet contracts with Shanxi Broadcast &TV Network to form a cloud services company

on March 30, the Sinnet and Shanxi Broadcast &TV Network Group Co.,Ltd Signed a cooperation agreement in xi 'an, the two sides jointly set up cloud services company.
The Sinnet chairman GengDiangen, President Yang Yuhang , Shanxi Broadcast &TV Network Group Co.,Ltd chairman YanZhaoXiang, general manager Wang Lijiang, attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, the two sides jointly established the cloud services company will focus on construction "cloud service data center" in Xixian new district industrial park. The center provide network high-definition interactive TV, TV and data business wisdom. At the same time, provide users many new business and new service, such as  cloud computing, big data , cloud desktop, OTT business, home intelligent gateway, wisdom urban and Internet technology.
At the signing ceremony, Shaanxi Broadcast &TV Network Group Co.,Ltd chairman Yan Zhaoxiang said they will actively responded to the provincial party committee, the provincial government, Make full use of development zone industrial park planning, good infrastructure, preferential policy support, the advantages of the mature industry gathered, planning the construction of radio and television the cloud data center.
This year, Shaanxi Broadcast &TV Network Group Co.,Ltd get a new partner Sinnet together to form a cloud services company. The two sides jointly operate cloud services, cloud computing, big data and other services, to create an open radio and television value-added services and content operations ecosystem.
Both sides hope that through efforts to build a first-class operation cloud computing platform in northwestern China. The new cloud platform will provide "wisdom city, peaceful city, digital city, intelligent transportation, remote education, remote medical treatment and security community" for Shaanxi province and northwest provinces area county party committee and government. These information services will boost digital Shaanxi and the construction of information in Shaanxi province, to satisfied the increasingly rich spiritual culture of users and network application new demand.
The chairman of the Sinnet Geng Diangen said, as the rich Internet information technology strength and the leading regional resource in northwest region, the Sinnet choose Shaanxi Broadcast &TV Network Group Co.,Ltd as a partner. We hope that the two sides should close cooperate, make full use of the Shaanxi Broadcast &TV Network s location advantages in Shaanxi province of , form a cloud Service Corporation together.
The two sides will construct and operate the Shaanxi Broadcast &TV Network cloud service system together, provide infrastructure services, cloud computing, big data processing, including the whole Internet industry chain services for the vast number of business users.