The Sinnet win The top ten most growing listed companies of Chinese Gem

On August 22, the awards ceremony of "2017 the value of listed companies in China" was held in Hangzhou. The event was jointly organized byThe securities times, China fund, the people's government of Hangzhou, and undertaken by Chinese listed company development alliance.As Chinese capital market annual brand value found activity and extremely high levels of capital summit, the meeting brings together leading regulators, executives of listed companies, private equity funds, brokerage, economists and industry elite, At the meeting, the list of the awards for the value selection of the 11th Chinese listed companies was announced.

Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of "The top ten most growing listed companies of Chinese Gem "after a rigorous review of financial scale, online voting, institutional voting, expert review and exchange audit.
"The value of listed companies in China" is the value discovery activity for the brand influence of listed companies and the only evaluation activity for the value of listed companies. It has been 11 years since the first one was held in 2007.
The event organizers invited more than 20 securities research institutions and 10 fund companies as the review team, which basically included the main research power in China's capital market.
The Sinnet’s award shows that the capital market is fully recognized to the company. In the future, The Sinnet will continue to make unremitting efforts to create greater value for shareholders and investors with first-class products and excellent market performance, and make positive contributions to Chinese capital market.