Sinnet is licensed cloud service business license by the MII

On December 22nd, Sinnet received a new batch of “Internet Resource Cooperative Service Business” business license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. “Internet Resource Cooperative Service Business Operation License” is namely the “cloud service business license”. As a leading cloud computing integrated solution provider in China, Sinnet will take this opportunity to develop cloud computing business steadily and rapidly under the legal and compliance management. 

Sinnet is committed to creating convenient, efficient, secure and reliable enterprise-level cloud products and services for users. Based on user needs and industry characteristics, the company provides cloud-integrated solutions to meet customers’ different needs. 

The Sinnet makes full use of its own IDC resources to achieve high controllability and customized services of cloudy products, more flexible response to customer needs, effectively improve the efficiency of operation and reduce the cost for the customer. The Sinnet cloud computing integrated solution service includes the public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud disaster recovery and migration, transportation management platform, and AWS consulting services.

We are convinced that with the rapid development of the Internet and big data industry in China, more and more Chinese companies will embrace cloud computing and transform into the cloud, China’s cloud computing market has a vast space for development.
In the future, The Sinnet will continue to develop cloud computing business under relevant laws and regulations, and constantly improve the level of cloud product technology and services.